Kara and Anthony: 

kara 1

Sarah married my husband and I last fall. The ceremony was every that we wanted. Sarah took the traditions of the wedding ceremony and made it personal and modern. Sarah is a very eloquent and thoughtful speaker. She did an incredible job. We attended a friends wedding that Sarah officiated this Spring and we were amazed with Sarah’s words. She truly has a gift. Sarah, thank you so much for giving us a wonderful ceremony!

Kelly and Akil:

kelly akil beach

As the groom, I can honestly say my wedding would have been a metric ton more stressful without Sarah. Always a calming presence, I knew I could look to her for advice. When it was time to write our vows, her insightful questions gave me a way to express my feelings for my wife (in the non-traditional-cookie-cutter-wedding type of way). I had no hesitation opening up to her about what I wanted to say and what I wanted in the ceremony. We went over a few drafts of what the ceremony was going to be like, and I’m glad I had her to consult with. The day of our beach wedding, my fiancee and I were stressed about the hurricane (Irene) that was barreling up the coastline. Thankfully, the weather held out, and with her back to the storm, Sarah conducted a heartfelt and moving ceremony. The misting in people’s eyes was not just from the weather (okay, that was bad, but Sarah improvised some pretty good one-liners about the weather to break the tension everyone was feeling about the hurricane). In the end, I am so glad we had Sarah involved in our wedding. I couldn’t imagine having an old clergyman standing there repeating the same tired lines when the other option is Sarah E. Spiegel.


Pam And Ethan:

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Sarah was the creative muse and the voice of our whole ceremony. Once she had an idea of the style we were looking for, and who we are as people, she wrote a draft and worked closely with us to polish it. She has a wonderful way with words and helped us create a ceremony we loved. She then brought her clear and bright voice and positivity to light up our ceremony and made the day truly magical. We would recommend her to anyone. -Ethan & Pam


Sarah and Jon:

sarah wedding


Joe and Danielle: